Sake Face Mask
Face Whitening



This is a modified version of Sake Eye Mask. Because I found the Sake Eye Mask helps to "disappearize" my dark circle, I modified it for face whitening purposes. It turns out great! I found out it is good to use it on a regular basis, but not suggested for everyday use. My face became too white after using it 3 days in a row. :)



Organic Sake - 1 teaspoon

Organic yogurt - 1 tablespoon

Organic oat flakes (powder) or Organic almond ground - 2 to 4 teaspoons

Unpasturized honey - 2/3 teaspoon



1. Mix Sake and honey until Sake all blend into honey.

2. Add yogurt. It will give a liquid paste.

3. Add Oat flakes powder to thicken the paste. Adjust the amount if needed.

4. Spread evenly on face for 30 minutes. Wash off.


I love this mask because it whitens my face in just 1 day. As mentioned above, I've used for 3 days in a row and my face became too white that I had to stop.

The mixture should come out as a slight thick paste, texture is similar to salad dressing. Because yogurt is stored in the fridge, you will feel very cold (not cool) when apply it on the skin. The cold sensation should be gone in a few minutes, but the mask stays cool. Do it in summer time would be excellent.

The mixture do run off your face. You may want to add more oat flakes powder to thicken it further or get some towels around your neck. It smells so good that my puppy girl, Tong Tong, walked over my body and tried to lick it. It is normal to feel a little tingling (a little itchy) on the face because the acid is working to break down the dead skin cell.

Oat is very gentle and soothing, good for irritated or inflammed skin. If you have dry skin, use almond ground instead as it hydrates your skin. Or mix the two together. I found it is more nourishing using almond ground.

Sake has whitening effect. Initially, I was thinking if Sake would dehydrate my skin because it is an alcohol. I started with a small dose. Interestingly, it hydrates my skin. The kojic acid found in Sake is a natural substance that helps to inhibit the production of melanin. Please be careful extended use of kojic acid may cause irritation to your skin as suggested by some studies.

Yogurt helps to break down dead skin cells and gives you a more brightening complexion. By clearing the dead skin cells, the nutrients of sake and honey are better absorbed by the skin.

Adding honey helps to moisturize the skin. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it absorb moisture from air. I prefer unpasturized honey to pasturized honey as unpasturized honey retain natural antibiotics for your body. I got my honey from a bee keeper that I know. He is specializing in making cream unpasturized honey. The colour comes in light beige and the honey don't get solidified. You can use it like a spread on bread (just like jam). I always buy a big jar from him (5 lbs). It usually lasts me for several months and still creamy like a spread. I use it for my coffee, smoothies, masks......

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